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Yoga District graduates teachers who are ready to teach both set sequences from major yoga traditions, and who are ready to sequence their own unique classes based on sound sequencing theory.

Hands-on modules focus on various yoga traditions including Vinyasa Flow, Alignment, Power, Dharma, Ashtanga, Restorative, Prenatal, Chair Yoga, and Trauma-Sensitive Yoga. With an understanding of these diverse yoga traditions, this training guides you to personally find what the best path in yoga is for you.

If your goal is to advance your practice or teach yoga as a Yoga-Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), it’s important that you carefully choose which Registered Yoga School (RYS) you’re going to train with. Read on to learn about unique offerings at Yoga District’s RYS and why many of our trainees end up teaching some of the leading classes at Yoga District, helping make it the highest rated yoga studio in the nation’s capital for years.

A Yoga Teacher Training with Diverse Yoga Styles

As the yoga teacher training school of the highest rated yoga studio collective in the nation’s capital, Yoga District’s yoga teacher training program features a variety of yoga traditions (see modules listed above) and their diverse sequencing and philosophical traditions. You’ll learn what makes these traditions different and what unites them. This will help guide you to the path in yoga most appropriate for you personally.

A Yoga Teacher Training with Freedom of Choice

Our dedication to diversity uniquely positions Yoga District graduates to teach a variety of yoga styles to a variety of communities, and to make informed decisions about the style(s) of yoga and student communities they choose to further dedicate themselves to, both during and beyond the training.

Teacher-Student Ratios Matter

Over the years, Yoga District held trainings for groups as small as six and as large as 35. Experience teaches that the best training size never tops 20. Trainees receive individual guidance and feedback throughout the training.

Diverse Student Communities

Yoga District’s teacher trainees learn how to share yoga with diverse communities. Learn to modify and amplify poses, customizing pace and cues to help your students explore yoga in the most supportive way possible. You’ll learn how to teach anywhere, from homeless shelters to gyms, from yoga studios to daycare centers, from corporate settings to hospitals.

Consistent Mentorship and Community

The same Yoga District teachers stick with the same group of trainees through and through. So there’s no need to worry about receiving a segmented, piecemeal training with an ever-changing group of fellow trainees and inconsistent faculty.

Nonprofit Mission = Affordable Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga District is a yoga-teacher owned and operated collective of studios with a nonprofit mission to keep yoga and mindfulness accessible and affordable. While our pockets aren’t deep, our hearts are big, our tuition is low, our payment plans are long, our work/study options are plentiful, and we will never let inability to pay stop us from trying to work something out with potential trainees. We believe that you have a right to access these teachings.


By taking classes at Yoga District, you’re helping our sister non-profit, Yoga Activist, support yoga outreach programs for trauma survivors across the country.


Ready to try it out?

We're dedicated to making your experience with yoga a positive, inclusive one. Try a few different classes with us until you find the teachers and types of yoga that motivate you to be your best.